Japanese anime gChainsaw Manh Insert Song & Episode 3 Ending Theme,
gHAWATARI NIOKU CENTI[2-hundred-million-centimeter-long blades]h music video(with lylics & without credits)

gChainsaw Manh Distribution information around the world.
For details, please check with each distribution service.
Amazon prime video/Animax Korea/Ani-One/bilibili/Netflix/Crunchroll/Hulu

Japanese anime, gRecord of Ragnarokh opening theme song,
gKAMIGAMIh music video (with lyrics & without credits)

Netflix gRecord of Ragnarokh page

Japanese Movie gChinyukih
FMTH produced battle songs gAbara Bobh and gJonny Tetsu Pipe IIIh

Japanese Animation Movie Dragon ball Z ,Resurrection gFh
FMTH produced the battle song gFh

Japanese Animation "DEATH NOTE"
FMTH produced two tracks (Opening & Ending Theme) "What's up, people ?!" and "Zetsubou Billy"

Japanese Animation gAKAGIh
FMTH produced the Ending Theme song gAKAGIh

Japanese Animation gAir Masterh
FMTH produced the Ending Theme song gROLLING1000tOONh

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