1.Jan.2024 update

Happy New Year!

Last year, as a step toward getting away from the COVID pandemic that has tormented the music scene for the past three years, we finally allowed the audience to shout out at the "Urusei Yatsura: Shouting Party" live concerts held since February, though, there were restrictions of wearing masks.

At "Futsuu Ezu =Common Scenery- 2023 in Osaka" in September, the audience enjoyed the live performance as they had before.
Nowadays, at MTH concerts and various festivals, we have enjoyed the scenery as it used to be.

Under such circumstances, on July 29, the first single in five years, "○○○○○○*" (*Amorous America -Koi No Amerika-), was released in an unprecedented style with the song title and lyrics kept secret, and was sold in advance at "Hungry Peco Ekohiki Member Stores."

In addition, the new song "Amorous America -Koi No Amerika-" Music Video was released, and a project called "I Can Hear It This Way Championship" was held for people to guess the song title and lyrics and submit their answers to a YouTube program. It was a year of "Men Kata Kotteri," in which we could enjoy MTH's music content from the live shows and various other aspects. We will continue to make this year with the vigor of a rising dragon, and we look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement in the coming year.

I wish you all a very happy "Men Kata Kotteri" year!

From all of us at Maximum the Hormone and Mimikajiru

19.Dec.2023 update

Maximum the Hormone will be performing at Taiwan's largest music festival "MEGAPORT Festival" to be held on March 30th (Sat.) and 31st (Sun.), 2024! The date the band shows up will be announced later on.

This will be MTH’s first overseas live performance in two years, and the band will be making its first appearance in Taiwan!
The Harapekos in Taiwan will be in for a treat!
MEGAPORT Festival official website

2.Nov.2023 update

Maximum the Hormone's new song,

The lyrics for this song have not been released until now,
but by enabling the "subtitles" feature on the "KOINO AMERICA" Music Video available on YouTube,
you can now view all the lyrics in English!

▽"KOINO AMERICA" Music Video

6.Aug.2023 update

The music video of Maximum the Hormone's latest song is now available on the official YouTube channel!

14.Jul.2023 update

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE will perform at the new "NEX_FEST" festival hosted by the ever-popular UK rock band BRING ME THE HORIZON.
This festival will be held at Makuhari Messe on November 3 (Friday, national holiday)!

BRING ME THE HORIZON visited Japan for the first time in 2009, and they toured Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka with MTH at the "Enon" festival held also by MTH.
Since then, the band has evolved dramatically.
So we are all excited to see them perform at the festival! We can't wait!

For more details, please visit the official "NEX_FEST" website.

1.Jan.2023 update

Happy New Year!

Last year started with the release of "Dhurha vs. Dhurha," a collection of super visual works, in January.
In February, we went on the "Shouting PET Bottles' Silent Party - Urusei Yatsura" tour, and in June, we toured five cities in Europe, including Europe's largest metal festival, "HELLFEST 2022"!

In addition, we performed at several summer festivals and events that had been canceled or postponed due to Covid.
And for the anime "Chainsaw Man," which began broadcasting in October, a new song, "200-million-centimeter-long-blade (TV edition)," was released as the insert and ending theme song. This was the first time the band released songs for subscription, although there are still only two.

A cutting-edge marketing plan, the "Harapeko Ekohiiki Shop Project," conceived by Maximum the Ryo-kun, won 3 awards in the "2022 62nd ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS". So it was a tremendous Menkata-Kotteri year.

We are thrilled to announce that we will finally be giving a performance where the audience can shout, though there are some restrictions. We look forward to providing an excellent live performance to our hungry audience!

We will continue to play our Hormone style in 2023 and would like your continued support and encouragement.
May this year be another "Menkata-Kotteri" year for everyone!

Maximum the Hormone and Mimikajiru staff

26.Oct.2022 update

Now you can check the music video of "HAWATARI NIOKU CENTI [2-hundred-million-centimeter-long blades]" on YouTube! This music video has no credits but lyrics, so it differs from the version used in the anime series. This song will be the insert song and the ending theme song for the 3rd episode of the anime series, "Chainsaw Man."
We believe even those who don't watch this anime enjoy this music video, so why don't you have a look?!


“Chainsaw Man” Distribution information around the world.
For details, please check with each distribution service.
Amazon prime video/Animax Korea/Ani-One/bilibili/Netflix/Crunchroll/Hulu

22.Mar.2022 update
MTH “EUROPEAN TOUR 2022” coming up!

MTH will be on their European tour from June 10th Friday to 19th Sunday, 2022. On the tour, the band will be performing at 5 venues in Europe including the huge music festival in France, “HELLFEST 2022” which has been put off twice. It's been 5 years since we played abroad! We’re so excited and can’t wait to see you all HARAPEKOs in Europe!!!!

Date: June 10th
Place: Trianon
☆Request a Song→Here

Date: June 13th
Place: Razzmataz 1
☆Request a Song→Here

Date: June 15th
Place: Live Music Hall
☆Request a Song→Here

Date: June 17th
☆Request a Song→Here


The VIP ticket is available only for residents outside Japan.
Your ID will be checked at the entrance of the venue on the show date so please be sure not to purchase it if you live in Japan.

Date: June 19th
☆Request a Song→Here



01.Jan.2022 update


Last year, we had many memorable events.
It started with the release of "ESSENTIALS" in March, and then we had the All-seats-designated-according-to-the-face show, "DHURHA DHURHA DHURHA -IMMORTAL FACE-" and the live stream show of that which was the first time live stream show in MTH history.

In the summer, MTH had some chances to perform at festivals and events. And in December, "Reunion Tour 2021" was held with MTH and their good friends, ELLEGARDEN and 10-FEET performing at 7 locations throughout Japan. All was a great success!

This year, MTH's new DVD, which will be the first time in 6 years, will be released very soon. That will be, of course, "DHURHA vs DHURHA". All different kinds of things are put together super nicely. Fantastic footage from shows that makes you extremely excited so all might pee in your pants.
Just shut up and watch it! It is that good...

We are really looking forward to making this year something super exciting and blowing this COVID depression away. Thank you for your supports and we wish you a great Menkata Cottelee (tough noodles and greasy soup) year.

Maximum the Hormone & Mimikajiru

03.Dec.2021 update

A collection of super video works for the first time in 6 years.
Full recording of 31 songs including unreleased music video on YouTube.
A number of over 20 video contents.

With subtitles in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Only the "DHURHA DHURHA DHURHA" video includes subtitles in 3 languages.

Vienen con subtítulos en idioma inglés, español y portugués.
Sólo las escenas de "DHURHA DHURHA DHURHA" son las que contienen subtítulos en tres idiomas.

Estarão com legendas em 3 idiomas: inglês, espanhol e português.
Somente o conteúdo de vídeo de "DHURHA DHURHA DHURHA" contém as legendas nos 3 idiomas.

20.June.2021 update

5 days to the release of “DHURHA, DHURHA, DHURHA -Immortal Face-” live stream show on June 25th!
The ticket is available NOW!
You're gonna love the lyric-effected version of “Kyokatsu” which will be added as bonus.✨
Don't miss it to check it LIVE!🤘

▼MAXIMUM THE HORMONE “Kyokatsu” (DHURHA, DHURHA, DHURHA live stream edition) [Official Live Video]

▼BUY TICKET (Streaming+)

18.June.2021 update

Unprecedented, extraordinary show with ONLY chosen faces (DHURHA) invited!
This is the first MTH live streaming show ever. The members will appear live in the show.

■livestream date and time
June 25th Fri, from PM 7:30 (JST)
*can be accessed from PM 7:00 (JST)

■archived video available
Until June 29th Tue. PM 11:59 (JST)
*If you purchase the ticket, you can view the video anytime during this period.
*The video will be unavailable on PM 11:59. Please be sure to finish viewing before that.

■ticket fee
*Taxes and fee will be added.


Available in the following countries and regions:
Germany, France, Italy, Poland, The UK, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Australia, Canada, The USA and Brazil.

17.June.2021 update

The anime music video (with lyrics & without credits version) of MTH’s new song, “KAMIGAMI” is now available on YouTube. This is the theme song for a Japanese anime, “Record of Ragnarok” which is now being delivered to the world exclusively on Netflix.

Check out the phrases that reflect the concept of the anime story. And experience the ingenious lyrics Maximum the Ryo-kun expresses.
*The lyrics are displayed all in Japanese.

Japanese anime, “Record of Ragnarok” opening theme song, Maximum The Hormone “KAMIGAMI” music video (with lyrics & without credits)

Netflix “Record of Ragnarok” page

15.June.2021 update
An anime program, "Record of Ragnarok" that MTH's new song "KAMIGAMI" is used as the theme song will be exclusively released on June 17th on Netflix to the world! We can't wait to hear the rest! Check out the official website for the details.

18.June.2021 update

We would like to announce you that MTH will be performing at HELLFEST 2022 in France, which has been put off twice!! They will appear on stage on June 19th Sunday. Check out HELLFEST 2022 official website for the details.


31.March.2021 update
New MTH bundle with 2 masks and the final title from the 2nd store, Coronanamolemomo will be released on March 31st!

Nowadays, it is “ESSENTIAL” to wear masks. And MTH arranged them in their own way in two different styles; authentic Cottelee black mask (1 out of 3 designs) and stylish Assalee white mask and put them in a package with the final release, “LUST” (8 to 9 songs included) from the 2nd store, Coronanamolemomo!

Maximum The Hormone
Hajimete No Maximum The Hormone Mask

[Washable Fabric Face Mask]
3 Selectable Designs
③Show./Fest. STYLE

Bonus CD
Maximum The Hormone 2nd Store Coronanamolemomo

05-08.or 09.TATARIKUN
Main Store ver.
05. Maximum the Ryo-kun ver.
06. Daisuke-han ver.
07. Ue-chan ver.
08 Nao ver.
2nd Store ver.
05. Takuma ver.
06. Omaki ver.
07. DxD ver.
08. Wakazaemon ver.
09. Sekihan ver.

You don’t now which disc you’ll have.
It’s a surprise!

Get it at the following EC sites.


The act of publishing recorded music unauthorized to the person entitled (video taken by smartphone including recorded sound on SNS post) copyright law chapter 2 section 3 article 23: Copying any works of the general author by person entitled except public transmission (in case of automatic public transmission including sending) will be an act of violation therefore can result in copyright law chapter 8 article 119: Up to 10 years in prison and/or fine of not more than 10 million dollars.
Even if not understood act of violation can result in penalty. Peeling off the seal will prove that this is acknowledged, understood, and agreed to comply/contracted. Also, CD , mask, and 「Gold and Silver Ryo-kun」to not to be resell until March 1st, 2023 and will be committed.

16.August.2020 update
"Harapeko Award 2020" series released on YouTube!

The fan art contest, ”Harapeko Award 2020” was held by MTH in order to ask fans to utilize the time at home with their Harapeko spirit.
MTH members are enjoying and examining the works applied from all over the world with the theme of ”I tried this because I love MTH”. Which one is selected as the Grand Prix and winning the wonderful prize?
Check it out on youtube!

※If you want to catch up with the latest issues, subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification bell🔔!
You can subscribe to the channel from here.

※Click here for details on " Harapeko Award 2020"

23.July.2020 update
MTH will be performing at HELLFEST 2021 in France!

MTH will be performing at HELLFEST 2021 in France on June 20th Friday!
The festival takes place from June 18th to 20th. MTH will appear on the last day. And on that day, System of a Down will also be performing. So it’s a dream comes true!
The band just can't wait to play at HELLFEST since it’s going to be the first time in about 10 years.


9.May.2020 update
MTH Fan Art Competition, “HARAPEKO Award 2020” on the Way!

Utilize the time at home! Show your HARAPEKO spirit!

MTH fan art competition, “HARAPEKO Award 2020” is on the way! The art can be anything if it shows the LOVE for the band. Any pros and any amateurs with any tastes! There’ll be super special prizes!!
Even the fans who are not confident about their skills and creativity, they have a chance to win this prize if you can impress any one MTH member.
So, everyone has a chance to win! We want to see your form of love to the band!
For more details, check HARAPEKO Award 2020 special webpage.


8.Aug.2019 update
We are pleased to announce that MTH is performing at FireBall Fest. which takes place at Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium in Taiwan on Nov. 23rd Sat. and 24th Sun., 2019.

This will be the first performance overseas after the South American Tour held about 2 years ago. MTH’s looking forward to seeing HARAPEKOs in Taiwan!!

Check the details from the link below.


1.Jan.2019 update
MTH new year greetings and special year beginning “otoshidama” present to the harapekos!!

Well ☺, Happy New Year guys,
We have no doubt that numerous activities including the launch of the shocking “let’s talk about Menkata Cottelee” MV which made the “makihara” subscribers (maximum the hormone harassment = makihara) cry “won’t say I want to fall in love again, absolutely no more” highlighted the powerful year 2018 in MTH history,

MTH took Japan by storm with live shows where head banging whirlpooled, performed at Fuji Rock Festival for the first time, also appeared in Air Jam for the first time in six years before announcing the tour break due to Daisukehan’s cervical disc herniation operation. MTH who changes tough times worth a laugh into opportunities have announced the launch of “VAP” MV, their decision on label transfer and their latest plan for “publishing” their next work. The second MV “maximum the hormone II- Let’s Talk about Menkata Cottelee” from the latest “published” work triggered harapeko’s appetite and craving-- and pushed the latest work to the top, No.1 of Oricon BOOK Ranking (comic and essay chart) for 3 consecutive weeks . Thanks a maximum !
Happy MTH wish to express their appreciation to all harapekos by sharing the full version MV of “maximum the hormone” on YouTube. Hope you enjoy ☺

It may take a bit more for MTH to start touring but they are “kome kome club(ing)” their heart and soul, preparing thoughtfully for the day MTH be sharing “Menkata Cottelee from now on”
Harapekos, be harapeko tight until the time MTH develop and announce their “Roman(tic) Hiko”

Thanks a maximum for all your patience, love, and a great year 2018 Wishing you a rich “Menkata Cottelee” 2019,

25.Nov.2018 update
NEW VID now showing on MAXIMUM THE HORMONE official YouTube!!

Awaited 2nd brand new music video, “Maximum the Hormone II -Let’s Talk about Menkata Cottelee-” was released on MTH official YouTube channel.

Maximum the Ryokun was diagnosed as complication of lifestyle-related diseases and warned that he was going to die if he wouldn’t change his lifestyle by a medical doctor. So Maximum the Ryokun started diet and exercise, lost weight and got well.
Fans were totally shocked by his lean body and have been complaining “We liked him FAAAAAT!!” Yes, this is the answer song to such fans.

What does the subtitle which is the same as the title of the next release item mean?
This song was composed as “Part II” of the song, “Maximum the Hormone” released 7 and a half years ago. How will the next stage of MTH who have had the belief of “Menkata Cottelee” be?!
Will head banging and growling be unsealed?!

Maximum the Hormone 2nd brand new music video dedicated to all the gouty people! Eat it with your eyes and ears!!

*Maximum the Ryokun would like to ask a favor.
Please do not spread screenshots of the video through SNS such as twitter and instagram for a while. He doesn’t want you to be spoilers.
*If the access to the video gets too concentrated, you might not be able to watch it properly. In that case, please wait for a while and try it again later.

18.Sep.2018 update

Important Notice from Maximum The Hormone

Daisuke-han has developed serious slipped disc (herniated disc) due to accumulated fatigue from heavy performance and touring over the years,
He has been diagnosed for immediate surgery and MTH has decided to postpone appearance on series of concerts which was planned.

<cancelled performance>

October 8th (Mon) 2018 “THE GREAT SATSUMANIAN HESTIVAL 2018”
October 29th (Mon) 2018 “MAN WITH A MISSION presents Chasing the Horizon Tour 2018” @ MATSUE AZTiC canova
October 31st (Wed) 2018 “MAN WITH A MISSION presents Chasing the Horizon Tour 2018” @ YONAGO convention center
November 3rd+4th (Sat+Sun) “MONGOL800 ga FESTIVAL What a Wonderful World!!18”

*for further information and enquiries, please contact event organizers of each show

We apologize for the cancellations and inconvenience this may cause to all fans, the Harapekos, and everyone involved make the shows happen
We wish and will work to make a come-back, get to meet everyone at shows - as soon as possible!!

Upon reaching this decision, we took the situation deep seriously and talked over how we can make up for the cancellation (loss)
MTH team have decided to launch a music video today @ 21:00 (Japan time) for a brand new song since “Yoshu Fukushu” 5 years ago,

No frills, no head-banging no scream for this one -
Song is sang in a mysterious language from “Planet - Ryo” , which no one understands except Ryo Kawakita @ Mimikajiru
(i.e. Maximum the Ryo-kun) With help from Ryo, we have created Japanese sub title for the video,

To all Harapekos around the world,
Hope you enjoy the profound message full of love that the new song “VAP” conveys


1.Jan.2018 update


Heeeeeey, Maximum The Hormone @ 2017 was........
After two years seal of touring while Nao's maternity leave and giving birth to her second child, last year was a big comeback year that opened up with “MIMIKAJIRU SHIN-UCHI TOUR” in May.

Do you remember the grand dignified appearance of Maximum The Hormone entering from behind the rice cooker that sat in the middle of the stage? Maximum The Hormone coming out from heavy smoke that came from the rice cooker following the goose-bump narration “May I ask if you felt something was missing in life?” addressed to the dead hungry harapekos?
Thank you for making the MTH comeback tour an amazing experience. Even-more-powerful-than-ever tour ☺

After the comeback tour then came the tide of summer festivals where MTH counted 15 appearances !!! in total. We've seen lots of #ホルモン復活したからって調子こいてフェス出過ぎ (←which is a MTH self-made long hashtag meaning “we know MTH is happy with the comeback but doing so much summer festivals at once is too much?” ) flying around on SNS all summer long, Heavy thunder, steaming heat.. no matter how terrible and harsh the weather, the harapekos kept head banging and have proven their harapeko spirit at every show they did ,

How amazing it was to tour 3 Tohoku cities with the “Ueharagumi Chokkei Futoshikai” tour in Autumn
How exciting it was that original manga series by Ryo-kun called “Maximum the Hormone's Ryo-kun No Hissatsu!! Outsider Ad Agency” made it on popular manga magazine “Korokoro Aniki” and continues to be published since September ,

How brilliant it was, the South American tour in October,
Maximum the Hormone loved and remember the storm like “MAXIMUM” yell that reached the back stage even before the show stated in Brazil, huge venue tightly packed with couple thousand maximum hyped local fans in Chile, and a sold-out KNOTFEST MEXICO's main stage appearance where MTH rocked the harapekos in Mexico!
Traveling halfway around the globe, MTH has received such big welcome and felt so much at home.

In December,, MTH went happy emotional as they were invited to perform at Hi-STANDARD's tour final (last day@Saitama Super Arena).Hi-STANDARD was an icon who the young MTH admired and looked up to, waited outside after shows as a fans 20 years ago !

So maximum much happened in 2017

So what's to happen to MTH and Harapekos in 2018 ?
Looking forward to an amazing “Men Kata Cottelee” 2018 !

--- Maximum The Hormone, Mimikajiru

23.NOV.2017 update
Hey Guys!! Thanks for joining “Maximum The Hormone South America Tour 2017” solo performance in Brazil and Chile, “KNOTFEST MEXIO 2017” in Mexico ! It was maximum worth the travel half way around the globe to musically keiko-hit with the “Harapekos in South America for the very first time

Maximum the Hormone loved and remember the storm like “MAXIMUM” yell that reached the back stage even before the show stated in Brazil, an unexpected electricity shortage before the show which made the wild crowd even wilder, tossing in a bra on stage in Chile, a big chant and vortex of swirling enthusiasm of “Koi No Omajinai” by the Harapekos in Mexico!

Great appreciation once again to all the Harapekos that made the tour a great success, enjoyed the MTH style MC, followed our lead and proven that you guys are great Harapekos that deserve the best from MTH on global standard (lol)

You can check photos and off shot @ official Instagram HERE

3 special vids “the enthusiastic High-tension Harapeko in South America” + “Actually , the first and the very last meet-and-greet done by MTH” + “language is no border MTH style MC” BELOW

“the enthusiastic High-tension Harapeko in South America”

“Actually , the first and the very last meet-and-greet done by MTH”

“language is no border MTH style MC”

16.AUG.2017 update

Maximum The Hormone is ready for the upcoming South American Tour including dates in Brazil on October 24th and Chile on October 26th , and please check their new message to all of international fans here!

10.JULY.2017 update

ANNOUNCEMENT ! Solo Show in Chile and Brazil (South America) & gig confirmed @ “KNOTFEST MEXICO 2017”

We’re back ! performing abroad in Brazil and Chile with the “MAXIMUM THE HORMONE SOUTH AMERICA TOUR 2017 “
It’s been a while since our last solo international show in back in 2014 (New York )

Not only the solo gigs but Maximum The Hormone is ALSO rockin’ at “KNOTFEST MEXICO 2017” . So it’s MAXIMUM big deal !  
We’re deadly thrilled to do shows in South America ! It‘s our first time ever !

Date: 24th Oct 2017 (Tuesday)
Place: VIA MARARAZZO (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
☆Request a Song→Here

Date: 26th Oct. 2017 (Thursday)
Place : TEATRO LA CUPLA (Santiago, Chile)
☆Request a Song→Here

* ticket sales and detail TBA

Date:28th Oct. 2017 (Saturday)
Place: FORO PEGASO (Toluca de Lerado, Mexico)

Further info on KNOTFEST MEXICO
KNOTFEST MEXICO Official HP:http://knotfestmexico.com/
☆Request a Song→Here

1.Jan.2017 update

Happy New Year everyone !

After doing the 2015 Dragon Ball Z “Fukkatsu No F”, we did the battle song for the movie “Chinyuuki” in 2016 , so, perhaps we’re entitled and absolutely ready to receive the title “Emperor of Battle song”  :) 
MTH band score book (series, vol 4 ) to be published in Feb    
Thank you for making DVD 「Deka vs Deka 」a huge hit hitting 100,000 units sold and above !

(2016 was special for MTH :)  )
Thanks once again to many Harapeko’s that attended the special autograph session held in Miyagi , Fukuoka, Kagawa last March to celebrate the huge hit of DVD「Deka vs Deka 」Maximum the hormone members had fun, was inspired by meeting many Harapekos in a so to say, unusual , non- concert environment . Certainly enjoyed the event as much as the Harapekos did

Big-belly Nao ( drum, female voice, sister ) during her last months of pregnancy was casted as a daughter of a fisherman and made wicked cool appearance on a「Sea-Chicken Shokudo」 canned tuna commercial  !

And finally , Nao under the “Ninkatsu” break since June 2015 successfully gave birth to her second daughter in September  Thank you for all the warm comments and support you’ve given us over the months  Now a 3 months old Nao’s daughter and Nao herself both continue to grow (?!) and are in maximum good health

(in a Kinya Aikawa esque manner.. )Omatto san !
thanks for waiting -  Time for MTH comeback !

The reserve ticket give away event「593 (read “go-ku-mi”)Candy Mama Drawing 」which was released on a web manga that revealed what MTH were secretly doing while the live tour seal off days had huge impact to the hungry Harapecos who were dying to get tickets for the “Mimikajiru Shinuchi Tour” . Applications poured in and Mimikajiru is in Chaos,

This tour after 2 years pause from touring, the live craving MTH members and the almost “starved to death” Harapecos are sure soon to be enjoying the mind blowing reunion . looking forward to meeting you all !

Wishing everyone a great maximum 2017, And we wish you another Menkata Kotteri Year!

Maximum The Hormone members and Mimikajiru Staff



9.Dec.2016 update

Comeback announcement

Due to Nao's(Drums, female vocal and sister) "ninkatsu" break ,
Maximum The Hormone sealed their live activities June 2015.
Now that Nao gave birth to a healthy child this September,
happily reaching her goal, (the band is maximum ready! )
MTH made their long awaited comeback announcement@ MTH official HP

Mimikajiru Shin'uchi TOUR 2017

May.20,2017(Sat) Hachioji MATCH VOX(Tokyo,JP)
May.24,2017(Wed) Zepp Sapporo(Hokkaido,JP)
May.29,2017(Mon) Hiroshima BLUE LIVE(Hiroshima,JP)
May.31,2017(Wed) Matsuyama Community center(Ehime,JP)
Jun. 2,2017(Fri) Shinkiba STUDIO COAST(Tokyo,JP)
Jun. 6,2017(Tue) Niigata LOTS(Niigata,JP)
Jun. 8,2017(Thu) Sendai PIT(Miyagi,JP)
Jun.12,2017(Mon) Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS(Fukuoka,JP)
Jun.14,2017(Sun)Kumamoto Be.9V1(Kumamoto,JP)
Jun.19,2017(Mon) Zepp Osaka(Osaka,JP)
Jun.21,2017(Wed) Zepp Nagoya(Aichi,JP)
Jun.24,2017(Sat) Toyosu PIT(Tokyo,JP)


12.Sep.2016 update

Nao, baby announcement

Joyous announcement to all the Maximum The Hormone fans around the world
Nao’s second “bump” has just arrived Sept 9 2016 ! 
Mom and the baby girl both are under stable good condition


<Comment from Nao>

Welcome, my baby girl, -bump born on Sept 9 2016 @ 11:44 am

Being a mother that has experienced miscarriage in the past,
I take the wording “mother and child both being in good condition” very seriously,  
So happy we are both well.

6 years ago, I did natural childbirth so this time I tried painless labor that actually felt like it was no labor at all, - (well the anesthesia was a nerve wrecking experience!)
I recommend it
Breast feeding the soft flabby new born baby makes me feel I want to give birth to another child even tomorrow! But certainly it’s not so (lol )

I would like to take a break just a bit more and start working out, preparing for the MTH comeback at my earliest,

My greatest appreciation goes to the MTH members, staff and fans that has patiently supported my “Ninkatsu! all the way through

See you at the MTH live !

Drums, Female Vocal, Sister and Mother of two

PS: the older one looked “Guts Ishimatsu” when she was born ,
the second ooe looks “Gets Ishimatsu” less“Guts” so to say,,
Can’t wait to see both growing to be charming like hell ! Gets !!


After Nao entering “ninkatsu” break and silence since June 2015,  
The MTH and staff are happy to announce the birth of Nao’s new born
We would like to show our greatest appreciation to the patient “Harapeko”s .
Thank you very much for your support!

MTH will start preparation to be fit and in good shape to meet you again
Looking forward to THE reunion!

10.Jan.2016 update

The cover art of “Deka vs. Deka” won “Illustrators 58” silver medal!

As Maximum The Ryo-kun tweeted, the cover art of “Deka vs. Deka”
won “Illustrators 58” silver medal in institutional category. This award
is presented by Society of Illustrators and this award is known as The
Academy Awards for illustrators.

Ryo-kun who produced the artwork flew to New York to attend the
ceremony. He received the award with the illustrator, Ms. Yuko Shimizu.

Ryo-kun explained the meaning of the artwork on twitter after the release
of the DVD. And it said the big baby is wayward and spoiled. This baby,
finally recognized outside of Japan!

1.Jan.2016 update

Happy New Year!

Last year, we had a biiiiiig news that MTH song, “F” had been selected as the “battle song” for the movie, Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu No “F” right after the new year began.
The surprising fact was that the author, Mr. Akira Toriyama got inspired by the Harapeko Kids diving and moshing at a MTH show and wrote the story for this movie! So, “F” was not only recognized by the author but also officially admitted and used as the title of the movie.

And MTH started the "Magrostick Front Tour" from January 9th. Then all the tickets for all the venues and dates got sold out on the release date. That was a great kickstart.

After that, MTH went on the “Fuuin Tour” which they announced that they would take a hiatus for their shows because of Nao’s TTC. The tickets got all sold out on the release date for this tour as well. At the end of the shows, MTH informed about the DVD release around summer. We cannot forget the shout of glee from the audience.

Then, on June 2nd, we had “Shiroi Boudou (White Riot)” at Hachioji, then MTH’s hiatus for their shows had started.

The DVD, “Deka vs. Deka” which was informed to be released around summer wasn’t released in summer. In fact, we ran out of the budget at the end of summer and so Maximum The Ryo-kun personally invested 10 million yen! That was just a drop in the bucket, though.

November 18th, which was a long time after the deadline, “Deka us Deka” was released. The content and the way of enjoying it were too surprising to any people from any industries. “Deka vs. Deka” was ranked No.1 for both music DVD and total DVD rankings in the Oricon Weekly Chart. We really appreciate that!!

In 2016, MTH cannot do shows until Nao gives birth, but any sort of stress is no good for TTC! So the members use this time for making songs and brushing up their skills.

We are looking forward to your continued support in 2016! And we wish you another Menkata Kotteri Year!

Maximum The Hormone members and Mimikajiru Staff


【For non Japanese people】

This DVD contains unique visual and auditory system.
We are sorry but people without ability to read and understand
Japanese cannot watch any content in this DVD.
Those who can agree what is written here can only buy this product.
No merchandise can be returned due to the reason mentioned above what so ever.
We are not planning to release any translated versions of this video for now.

【Para as pessoas não japoneses】

Este DVD é um sistema de visualização especial.
Comprador (ou cliente) que não entender o japones ,
não será possivel visualizar todo conteúdo gravado ,
Para a compra do mesmo , o comprador (cliente) tem
que estar ciente e concordar com os conteúdos acima mencionados.
Por essa razão, após a compra não aceitamos devolução do mesmo.

"Fuuin" -Soredewa Minasan Maternity-  Tour is over!!

Nao TTC Teave and Tour Information

We have an important announcement to all the people who have been supporting MTH.

MTH will take a hiatus from June 1st because Nao (Thumping and Singing Big Sister) will start TTC
This is a big decision as a band. And Nao would like to give you all a message including the explanation of the background. Please check it from the banner below.

*TTC(Try To Conceive): Trying to get pregnant actively including taking care
of one's health and fixing lifestyle.

And so, we will go on "Fuuin" -Soredewa Minasan Maternity- Tour to visit 6
sites in Japan!
We share stages with our long time friends. There will be some bands playing
together for the first time in many years so these will be great shows you
cannot miss.
As the tour title "Fuuin (seal)" tells, this tour is the last one before our
hiatus. We hope you all will come!

Some might feel disappointed that we will be away from venues but we will do
everything we can do as MTH other than shows. So we will not dissapear. So
please stay with us!

"Fuuin" -Soredewa Minasan Maternity- Tour


April 23rd, 2015 (Thu) Zepp Sapporo w/10-FEET
May 8th, 2015 (Fri) Nagoya DIAMOND HALL w/ THE BOOGIE JACK
May 13th, 2015 (Wed) Toyosu PIT w/ SHACHI
May 19th, 2015 (Tue) Zepp Fukuoka w/PAN
May 25th, 2015 (Mon) Namba Hatch w/locofrank
May 27th, 2015 (Wed) Shinkiba STUDIO COAST w/Pink Ribbon Gun

1.Jan.2015 update

Happy New Year!

In April 2014, we’ve finished Yoshu Fukushu Japan Tour successfully. We’ve visited all the prefectures in Japan and did 56 shows in total. All the tickets for all the shows were sold out on the release dates. And all the crowds were crazy!

A week after finishing the tour, MTH held a charity event “Tohoku Kodomo Ouen Daisakusen” which was for raising money for East Japan Earthquake victims, especially children. With a great backing of their hometown, Hachiouji municipal government, more than 5,000 people came to the event and we could raise and donate about JPY1,200,000. MTH also went on a East Japan tour, “Futoshi, Futoshi, Futoshi 2014 Tohoku Live House Daisakusen Tour”.

*Daisakusen ≒ Big Mission

The last album, ”Yoshu Fukushu” was released in July 2013, and a year after, we had the “National Harapeko Unified Exam”. A lot of MTH fans took this tough exam to test their knowledge. The band presented fantastic prizes such as “Free Platinum MTH concert Ticket Valid Forever” and “MTH Camping School”. Basic idea of doing this exam was Maximum The Ryo-kun’s “strong will of making himself understood by explaining forcibly and finically”. So I hope all the fans got his rock and roll messages right...

In Summer, the band performed at many festivals. Our new “ritual”, Chitsu Jump shook venues with tens of thousands of audiences. In October, MTH visited South Korea for the first time in 3 years and toured with Perfume. And they went to the US for the first time in 6 years to perform at KNOTFEST and to do shows in NY. MTH members and supporting staff were all very much impressed because the international Harapeko fans highly and warmly welcomed the band.

After that, Maximum The Ryo-kun hospitalized with meningitis and so had to cancel some shows. We are sorry to disappoint fans who’d expected their performance and thank for concerns. But now, Ryo-kun got well!

This year started with a tour, “MAGROSTIC FRONT-kin to gin no tsutsumi ni haitta shikakui tuna no yatsu saikin tabeteru?-” visiting 5 cities in Japan.

In 2015, all the MTH members will get fortyish! 2 of the members got gouty! Old age is a hospital that takes in all diseases... Well, MTH can be fueled even by diseasegerms!!

So, we are looking forward to your continued support in 2015! And we wish you another Menkata Kotteri Year!

Maximum The Hormone members and Mimikajiru Staff

27.Oct.2014 update

We finished MTH NY headlining show!


【Click here for Hormone's live photos from MTH NY headlining show】

25.Oct.2014 update

We finished KNOTFEST USA!

Performed at KNOTFEST USA produced by Slipknot!

Under the glaring sunlight of California,
Maximum The Hormone did a full blown Hormone-style live.
The reception from the audience was something
we couldn't ask for more. Thank you all for coming!

You can view the live photos from below link. Have a look!

【Click here for Hormone's live photos from KNOTFEST USA】


MTH released their message video to the fans in the US as they are
performing at KNOTFEST USA on Oct. 25th and in NY on 27th.
They'll be back to the US after long absence!

As MTH doesn't play outside Japan often so don't miss this chance to
see them.

Please see the website for the tickets. Access to the URL below.

show date: October 24th(Fri), 25th(Sat) and 26(Sun)
※An appearance day of MTH is 25th(Sat)

Venue: San Manuel Amphitheater (California, USA)
2575 Glen Helen Parkway San Bernardino, California 92407

Please see the official KNOTFEST website for the details.

Maximum The Hormone NY headlining show

date: October 27th (Mon)
venue: Best Buy Theater (New York, NY USA)
ticket: $30.00 Advance / $35.00 At door
Opening Act:Unlocking the Truth

pre-sale: Wednesday, July 9th @ 10AM EST
public on-sale: Friday, July 11th @ 12PM EST

For purchasing tickets and checking details, please see

8.July.2014 update

MTH fixed a headlining show in NY, USA!

MTH who are going back to the US for KNOTFEST USA in October
first time in years announced their headlining show at
Best Buy Theater in New York, NY!!

For the tickets, please access to the website below.
You need the password to buy tickets.

And the password for the access is “OMEKO”.
We hope innocent non-Japanese buddies will not search the
meaning of “OMEKO” on the Internet. ;)

Maximum The Hormone NY headlining show

date: October 27th (Mon)
venue: Best Buy Theater (New York, NY USA)
ticket: $30.00 Advance / $35.00 At door

pre-sale: Wednesday, July 9th @ 10AM EST
public on-sale: Friday, July 11th @ 12PM EST

For purchasing tickets and checking details, please see

password: OMEKO

8.July.2014 update

MTH performing at “KNOTFEST USA”!

We’ve already announced that MTH is performing at “KNOTFEST JAPAN 2014”
which will take place at Makuhari Messe in November.

And today, we would like to add more surprising information that the band is performing at
“KNOTFEST USA” in California as well.

It is first time in 6 years for MTH to play in the US since they did in 2008!

Check out the fantastic line-up which excites all the loud rock fans!
We are sure it is going to be a crazy festival!

show date: October 24th(Fri), 25th(Sat) and 26(Sun)
※An appearance day of MTH is 25th(Sat)

Venue: San Manuel Amphitheater (California, USA)
2575 Glen Helen Parkway San Bernardino, California 92407

Please see the official KNOTFEST website for the details.

24.June.2014 update

Perfume FES!! 2014 South Korea show rescheduled

MTH and Perfume show, Perfume FES 2014 in South Korea
was canceled in April in consideration of the tragic ship accident.
And then after due consideration, the band and Mimikajiru decided to
reschedule the show to October 12th (Sun).

MTH shared stage with Perfume for
Zutto Sukidattanjake Sasurai No Menkata Perfume FES!! tour in 2013 for the first time.
And this will be the finale for the 2nd series of this unique paring tour.

Perfume FES!! 2014
show date: October 12th (Sun), 2014
venue: AX-KOREA (Seoul, South Korea) ex. UNIQLO-AX
OPEN:18:00 / START:19:00
ticket fee (adv.): KRW 80,000

Check out Perfume official website for the detail and updates.

And again, all the MTH and Mimikajiru members would like to express our deepest sympathies to all the victims of the ship accident.

16.June.2014 update

MTH is performing at KNOTFEST (hosted by Slipknot) JAPAN 2014

Slipknot a famous American metal band
known by their psychotic masks and heavy sound.
And this Knotfest is the music festival hosted by them.
And finally, Knotfest will come to Japan for the first time!!

This will be the first Knotfest held outside the US. And thank goodness,
MTH is performing at this fantastic festival!!!

The lineup on 16th, which MTH is performing will be
Slipknot, KoЯn, Trivium and In Flames.
It is a great honor to be there with such big names for MTH.
The band is definitely giving it their all!

-November 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun), 2014-
venue:Makuhari Messe Kokusai Tenji Hall 9-11(CHIBA,JP)
*MTH will be performing on 16th.


Please check the official website to get the details.

28.Mar.2014 update

"Yoshu Fukushu" music video is nominated for
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2014!

MTH's music video "Yoshu Fukushu" is nominated for
"Best Album of the Year" of "MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2014".
The grand prix of each category will
be chosen by a vote of viewers!
This vote can be made from overseas so please vote for MTH!!!


Visit "VMAJ 2014" official website and click "Vote" button
to vote.
Of course, this "Vote" button can be clicked from overseas!
And if you play the music videos nominated, the number of views will be
counted as votes as well.

The Vote Period is from noon on
March 28th (Fri) to PM11:59 on May 18th (Sun) -Japan Time-

6.Mar.2014 update

MTH latest album "Yoshu Fukushu"
won the grand prize for The 6th CD Shop Award (2014)!

The ceremony of 6th CD Shop Award (2014) took place at Zepp Tokyo on March 6th.
And it was announced that MTH "Yoshu Fukushu" awarded grand prix !!

At the ceremony, despite the atmosphere full of nervousness, members had fun
and Nao enjoyed taking photos of the ceremony with her own disposable camera.

We thank all the fans who purchased "Yoshu Fukushu" from CD shops in Japan !!

1.Jan.2014 update


The biggest event of last year should be "Yoshu-Fukushu", the 6th MTH full-length studio album released for the first time in 6 years!

Before the release, there was an exciting web event for the music video premiere of the first song from this album. We asked you to search the words on the internet we indicated to find the right one to win a chance to see the video. And when the album was released, we had a "Back Cover Campaign" and asked you to show the back cover of the album to the sales clerks when you buy it to win a prize. We really appreciate the support of the CD stores.
And after all that, "Yoshu-Fukushu" reached No.1 on ORICON chart and stayed there for 3 consecutive weeks! Even though the release was in the end of July which is already in the second half of year, the album went No.1 on the 2013 annual ORICON chart too!!

This is all because of the devoted HARAPEKO fans and everyone concerned for the release. Thank you very much!

MTH is now on "Yoshu-Fukushu Tour" through out the nation which will end in April this year. So it has just past the half way but all the tickets have sold out. Each shows has been a raging party!!

The momentum will be kept after the tour too so don't miss our updates. We would like to borrow the words from a Japanese "Magical Girl Anime", PreCure - Nao's 3-year-old girl loves this one -;

"I can't stop throbbing!!"

We really expecting your continued support of all of you in 2014! We wish you another Menkata-Kotteri year.

Maximum the Hormone and Mimikajiru

26.July.2013 update

A "Yoshu Fukushu" trailer with all album songs released!

A trailer of bits from all the songs from MTH new album,
"Yoshu Fukushu" was released!
This movie includes a lot of footage shot only for this.
Not only for brand new songs you heard on this album but also for the
songs played many times at shows and you've known for a while, we
added new pieces of footage.

In this trailer, you can see the theme of each song well and so can
get more ideas and deeper understanding about this album,
"Yoshu Fukushu"!

*Except "A-L-I-E-N" and "Yoshu Fukushu",
all the footage was shot only for this trailer and so none of it is from music videos.

26.July.2013 update

MTH New Music Video Released!

First time in 6 years, Maximum The Hormone is releasing their 5th studio full-album.
From the album, "Yoshu Fukushu", the music video of the title track has just been released as premier at their official YouTube page!

"Yoshu Fukushu"

6.Jun.2013 update

[track listing] 15 tracks

1.Yoshu Fukushu [Our Merciless Home'war'k]
2. Bluetiful Intro:Tsukino Bakugeki-ki
3. Utsukushikihitobitonouta [Ode to Bluetiful People]
4. Benjo Sandal Dance [Toilet Sandal Dance]
5. Chu2 The Beam [8th Grader Beam]
6. "F"
7. Tsume Tsume Tsume

8. Rock Oreimairi~3 Chords de Omae Fullbocco~
.    [Rocking Retaliation: Beat the Hell out of You with 3 Chords]
9. Unbelievable!: Swomints Hockeleiro Mifeho
10. A-L-I-E-N
11. my girl

12. Mesubuta no Ketsu ni Binta(Kick mo) [Bitch Ass Slapping: and Kicking]
13. Beauty Killosseum
14. maximum the hormone
15. Koino Sperm [Amorous Sperm]

Special edition with a book includes 5 mangas and track-by-track rundown

- A frantic 156-page book with "Our Merciless Home'war'k" descriptions
- A dialogue style track-by-track rundown for all 15 songs by Maximum The Ryo-kun
- Ryo-kun's inner world is exposed by professional manga artists

the scriptwriter: Maximum The Ryo-kun
the executive producer: Maximum The Ryo-kun

Includes 5 pieces of ultimate reading rock

*both digital distributions and rentals prohibited

*If you live or want to buy this album from outside Japan,
it is able to be purchased at HMV as well as Amazon online.

This banner links to Amazon US.
This title can be purchased from Amazon in your country too.
Access to your local Amazon and search
“maximum the hormone yoshu fukushu”.

* Not sold in some countries.

2.Jun.2013 update

Search out new MTH music video!

Finally, the music video made in strict secrecy has been released!But MTH is not a band that shows their new video just like that.

The music video is hidden in a page on the Internet which "Maximum The Ryokun" made.

- If you want to see MTH music video, move to "Search out new MTH music video!" page and click magnifier icons next to Japanese search words (sorry if you don't understand Japanese).
- Check the page displayed on the top of the list.
- If you see the page with the video, congratulations!! If there was no mucic video, unfortunately you missed! Try other magnifiers.

* The hit page changes at random again. So please try again and again.


- This campaign will end at 10PM on June 6th, 2013. After that, the page will be closed.
- "Find new MTH music video!" page is shown in Japanese ONLY.

So, please see "Search out new MTH music video!" page here.

1.Jan.2013 update

Happy New Year!

Last year, we had many exciting events.
A special live show, Master Of Territory which provided the venue floor divided in a grid and each cell was given to a member or a couple of the audience.
Also, the prizes of the lottery people can enter with the "mystery entry ticket" set in the single CD, "Greatest The Hits 2011- 2011" were announced.
And the lottery was held and winners were announced. One of the prizes was a "sleepover party with MTH" at MTH fans' house and it was conducted wonderfully.

The band went on Oyaji-Garare (old-man robbee)Tour and after that, performed at various summer music festivals too. There were a lot of memorable shows last year!!

In 2013, MTH will be performing at OzzFest Japan! The headliners will be Black Sabbath and Slipknot.
And MTH members and Mimikajiru staff are now planning something really special and big for 2013. And finally you might be able to expect next something for the first time in 6 years...

Thank you for your support and I hope you will be sticking with us in 2013 as well.

We wish you a Menkata Kotteri (half-boiled noodle and greasy soup) year!

Maximum The Hormone and Mimikajiru staff


Ozzfest, one of the world famous loud music festivals founded and organized
by Ozzy Osborne and his family starting from 1996m will be held in Japan for the first time!

It will take place on May 11th, 2013. And we are happy to announce that
Maximum The Hormone will also be performing at this festival!!

The headliners for the first Ozzfest Japan are Black Sabbath and Slipknot.
And there will be other big names such as Tool, Slash and Deftones to share the stages.
All the members from MTH are great fans of these bands so
this is a dream which will highly likely come true to them too!

Ozzfest Japan 2013

-11.12.May.2013-Venue:Makuhari Messe(CHIBA,JP)
*MTH will be performing on 11th Saturday.

→ More infomation ←


Oyaji Muggee Tour 2012

-11.Jun.2012-Venue:STUDIO COAST (TOKYO,JP)
-12.Jun.2012-Venue:DIAMOND HALL(NAGOYA,JP)
-14.Jun.2012-Venue:Zepp Namba (OSAKA,JP)

→ More infomation ←



The Europe tour named 〈EURO TOUR 2011〉ENON the movie has been done with the final show at Koln, Germany!All the shows were fantastic.

MTH performed at a great metal festival, HELLFEST with world-class big names.
Then they toured Europe as the headliner and performed at 5 cities.
As the band visited France, the UK and Germany 3 years ago, we could see some Harapeko faces we have seen before which impressed the members and the staff.

We are not sure when, but MTH spent great time abroad and loved to feel different cultures over there so really cannot wait to come back!
So please try to memorize all the lyrics by then!! ; )


MTH performed at HELLFEST (Clisson, France). The people were just
watching what was going on on the stage at the beginning but finally,
they were all forced to participate in the conventional "love charm"ritual with the band!
MTH exploded their hormone power to the amazingly big crowd in frontof the main stage!!

Yesterday, MTH Europe headlining tour "ENON THE MOVIE" started.
They are going on the rampage in Europe!!


MTH accomplished The tour with 5 shows in Japan, "Greatest The Hits" with success!
The kick off was Nagoya and the final was in Osaka, which is a bit unusual schedule this time.
The tickets sold out for all the venues and we had crazy 5 nights with locals' fists up in the air.

Those who missed the shows this time, please check MTH's future schedule
because they have already decided to perform at some Summer events.
And also keep checking the schedule for their shows which will be added.

We would like to thank to all the fans came to shows, staff worked for the shows and bands shared the stages!!



We have informed that MTH is attending a big event in France, "HELLFEST".
And now we would like to announce the band is going on a headlining tour in Europe.
This is going to be the first time in 3 years!!

A French hardcore band, Tagada Jones is joining to the tour as support for all the shows.
This Europe tour is called "ENON THE MOVIE"!! lol
ENON series will go abroad!But of course there will be no movie related tothis tour. Just a joke title...

Anyway, MTH is ready to shake venues in Europe!!


〈EURO TOUR2011〉ENON~the movie~
[SAT] 18 June / Le Bataclan@PARIS/FRANCE w/Tagada Jones
[MON] 20 June / Islington Academy@LONDON/ENGLAND w/Tagada Jones
[WED] 22 June / VK Concert@BRUSSELS/BELGIUM w/Tagada Jones
[THU] 24 June / Knust@HAMBURG/GERMANY w/Tagada Jones
[FRI] 25 June / Essigfabrik@KOLN/GERMANY w/Tagada Jones

* This "ENON THE MOVIE" image above was made by Maximum The Ryo-kun.
It seems to be a nice, fancy movie!



-4.Apr.2011-Venue:Zepp NAGOYA(AICHI,JP)
-18.Apr.2011-Venue:Zepp FUKUOKA(FUKUOKA,JP)

→ More infomation ←

For the first time in about 3 years, MTH new single,
"Greatest The Hits 2011 -2011" will be released!

Will that be the greatest hits title though it is a single CD??
What does 2011 - 2011 mean?! OK, they are funking around again.

But this title is showing MTH's message that saying
"Greatest Hits doesn't necessarily mean a collection of past titles. We can say these new songs are our best!"

"Utsukushiki Hitobito No Uta" (Ode To Bluetiful People) - a song about the darkness in Ryo-kun's mind and severe experience with his depressed friends.

"maximum the hormone" - The real new song played after the music video of a
FAKE happy song "Chiisana Kimi No Te" (Your Little Hands). First self-titled song ever.

→ Watch the movie.

"my girl" - For this song, the footage with ONLY the reactions of
staff listening to the song (that means song itself was muted) was posted on the website. 
And there was no plan for the release at that point but here it is!
All these 3 are the masterpieces! All these 3 are the stars!All A-sides!
And there will be a great bonus booklet in the product!

Which is the edited version of Bubuka magazine series column, "Maximum The Ryo-kun's Legal Trip".
This is the rock you can read, this is the answer from Ryo-kun to the modern society full of drug problems!!
Also, there will be 3 types of front covers and a mysterious application ticket in a product!Big deal!

In Japan, the graduations are in March. So it is the season of cherry blossoms and graduation songs.
But MTH, which has no sense of the season, will be blowing up a storm!!

MTH made their 1st show abroad at the North America tour in 2008.
Then performed at the biggest rock festival in South Korea, and toured Europe after that.
And this year, MTH is performing at one of the biggest heavy music festival in France, "HELLFEST 2011".
This will be the second time for the band to visit France!

MTH is appearing on the main stage sharing it with
Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Bad Brains, Converge and many other big names!!
As this will be their show abroad finally again, MTH will bang all the Japanese spirit they have down the stage!!

This is a great chance to see MTH and many other great bands at a time.
So maybe you want to go on a little trip to France for some vacation and headbanging?!


Place: Clisson, France
Dates: June 17th, 18th and 19th 
*Maximum The Hormone will be performing on 17th, at Main Stage 2
*Please see more detail at Hellfest 2011 official website. http://www.hellfest.fr/

"Jigoku-ezu" is a series of infamous Summer events held by MTH with grueling preconditions.
As the band receives a lot of different complaints such as
"Do your shows at larger venues! We cannot get tickets!!",
"If you are a rock band, play at smaller venues!!" and so on.
Then the band released their anger as the answer to these complaints, which is kind of misplaced, though.
MTH decided to present hellish events, "Jigoku-ezu (The Inferno)".

MTH members always pass their phisical limits at shows,
but for these events, they impose even harder conditions to themselves on stages.
So it is super sadistic but could be super masochistic at the same time.

Examples of the preconditions of the events are "with down-jacket after eating garlic clove"
and "with dummy after drinking 500ml of milk".
You can easily imagine how tough to be in small venues and see MTH shows with these preconditions.

Please see the footage from some parts from 2 "Jigoku-ezu" events held
in August 2010 under preconditions of "with full-face helmet" and "pair with stocking on heads".

Please, never try this at any other shows!
It is dangerous and we are not responsible for any troubles by doing it!
This is the shocking sights of "Jigoku-ezu"!!

* Both image and sound were recorded with video cameras at venues.


To Harapeko (hungry to death) people! Happy New Year!!

Since November 2009, MTH had been taking a break from doing shows because of Nao's pregnancy.
And in May 2010, a healthy baby girl was born.
We got a lot of congratulatory mails from Harapeko fans.Thank you very much!

And 3 days after Nao's childbirth,
Maximum The Ryo-kun experienced excruciating pain of childbirth and delivered his urinary stone.

Nao started playing drums again only 2 weeks after the labor,
and the band went on "Enon -Enon- Tour" from August.
Nao recovered very quick as a primiparous mother and so MTH could restart doing shows quite early.

After that, they played Jigokuezu shows which they had to put off twice.
Also, they played at RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL which the band could not attend 2 years ago because of Maximum The Ryo-kun's flu.

As they had a good recharging period,all the members are in very good condition
but as their first priority was doing shows -which is the most important thing they do-,
we could not spend enough time to record for the new title by the end of 2010.

So, we are preparing to record and release MTH new title this year.
And of course, the band is doing a lot of shows after the release!
Thank you for your support and I hope you and us can stick together in the future.

We wish you another Menkata Kotteri (hard noodle and thick soup) year!!

All members from MTH and staff at Mimikajiru


MTH Performing at COUNTDOWN JAPAN 10/11!

MTH will be performing at the great music event on year-ends, COUNTDOWN JAPAN!
This will be the first time in 3 years for this event!!
Join the "closing Menkata Kotteri" at the end of year in Makuhari!


Dates: Dec. 28th (Tuesday), 29th (Wednesday), 30th (Thursday) and 31st (Friday) 2010
Venue: Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex (CHIBA)
* MTH will be performing on 30th.
* Please check COUNTDOWN JAPAN official website for the details.


Enon ~Enon~Tour 2010

-9.Aug.2010-Venue:NAMBA Hatch(OSAKA,JP)

→ More infomation ←


Announcement of The Best Performance Video!

"PLAY! OR SING!MAXIMUM THE HORMONE" Announcement of The Best Performance Video!
Many many videos have been entered to this MTH song performing competition,
Than you very much!!MTH members checked all the videos entered and
great videos were put up at MTH Japan official website.

Then we took a popularity poll. And after the vote...
This was chosen as the best video!!

This is the best video chosen by MTH members and MTH fans!!



To Harapeko (hungry to death) people! Happy New Year!!

Last year started with Daisuke-han's full return to life from vocal cord surgery!

In Spring, we visited many places in Japan as "Tsume Tsume Tsume post final" tour
which is totally unparalleled in history and all tickets sold out on the day of release!!

In Summer, Ryo-kun caught a super-flu which no one expected but one thing is for
sure that he really got caught up! In Fall, Nao announced her pregnancy with joy!!

So last year, MTH didn't release any album, but had a lot of events
.Even though these events caused a lot of problems to fans and people involved,
we got tons of messages saying "Bring it on! But not until you are ready!!".
So all the members and staff are very much encouraged to rise up again!!
Thank you very much!

As most of you already know, MTH is in it's hiatus because of Nao's pregnancy
but the band is working on to bear new children for our next title!
Thank you for your pastry. Correction.

patience.Our very best wishes for a Menkata Kotteri
(al dente ramen noodles in greasy soup)

All members from MTH and staff at Mimikajiru



MTH became MTV VMAJ 2009 "BEST ROCK VIDEO" winner!!

MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN is an event that MTV JAPAN selects best music videos from different genres all over the world.

And MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN 2009, which was one of the greatest entertainment shows was held this year at Saitama SuperArena with performances of international artists.

And Maximum The Hormone's "Tsume Tsume Tsume" music video topped the other nominees including international videos and won the BEST ROCK VIDEO award!!

We would like to celebrate this with all the Harapeko kids!
-"Harapeko" means "very hungry" and Harapeko kid mean a MTH fan :)-

Thank you very much!!

For MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN 2009 official website, check here.


The event, SAKOKU -Enon- vol. 1 presented by MAXIMUM THE HORMONE ended today!
MTH invited two great international bands so the tour became something very
much condensed and exciting with these 3 bands. They toured 3 big cities in
Japan which are Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

fantastic performances so these bands released us from SAKOKU -historical
isolation policy and period of Japan which ended long ago- state!!

Keep your eye on the next SAKOKU -Enon- event!


↑Put your mouse pointer over this image.

"Tsume Tsume Tsume Travel Additional Final" Tour is over!!

After 3 months of break,
This tour started and spent more than 5 months to end for this "Additional Final" Tour.
And the last show was on April 30th at Hachiouji MATCH VOX.

Our first operation of name and ID check worked well because of your corporation.
And so they could finish this tour without any troubles.
MAXIMUM THE HORMONE will be pushing forward.
So we want to ask you for your continuous support!!


Last year, MTH toured U.S. and Canada in March and that was the first tour outside Japan for us.
In July, "Tsume Tsume Tsume / 「F」" was released in Japan.
And the all the tickets for all the shows of the "Tsume Tsume Tsume"tour in Japan
were sold out in one day.

During the tour of 4 months term, MTH performed at Summer music festivals
throughout the nation (MTH became the most performed band at different
Summer music festivals in Japan), and also performed at the music festival in
Korea in August. After this tour in Japan, we got out of Japan and toured Europe.

And unexpectedly ,suddenly and unfortunately, we got to know Daisuke needs
some medical operation on his vocal chord.

When we look back this year, it is hard to believe that all these happened in a year.
It was a year which was rich, heavy and greasy. And talking of greasiness, 3 members
out of all 4 (and you know who they are) "qualified" as people with fatty livers as
the result of complete medical checkup! That means we are juicier than ever!

We are all here now because of YOU! (except about the fatty livers)
Thank you very much! All the members of MTH and all the staff will do our best.
We might be getting more greasy, but never get greedy.

In order to have more power to make more "Zawa Zawa (sound people buzzing)",
we will put it all on the line and in 2009, we will absolutely get unmeasurable!!
So we need your continuous support and opinions in the years to come.

We wish you an even better year just like a bowl of "Men-Kata Kotteri (al dente
noodle with rich and greasy soup)" ramen...

Maximum The Hormone


We visited 4 countries in 17 days on this European tour.
And finally, it is over! We came back home safe to Japan!!
It was wonderful that you took everything out to us
and we took everything to you guys!! See you!!

from all the Maximum The Hormone members.


-England tour with Enter Shikari-
10/27 Bournmouth, Solent Hall
10/29 Exeter, Great Hall
10/30 Southampton, Guildhall
10/31 Folkestone, Leas Cliff Hall
11/02 London, Mean Fiddler
11/03 London, Mean Fiddler
*Info Enter Shikari website

-Euro tour with each domestic band-
11/05 Koln,Germany, GEBAUDE 9
11/08 Paris,France, LA LOCO
11/09 Barcelona,Spain, SALAMANDRA


New Single CD
released on 9.July.2008.
At this moment of their life, what they created was sadistic with all A-side single!
The former album "Bu-ikikaesu" sold more than 250,000 copies and keep selling even now. After the album, they released their DVD, "Deco vs. Deco" in March. It topped the domestic DVD sales weekly chart and sold almost 100,000 copies so far. No one can stop the momentum of this band, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE!!
After a year and 4 months from the release of the last album, "Bu-ikikaesu", they release this aggressive, offensive, but catchy and smart masterpieces in one single CD.
This single was number 2 for their first appearance in the national chart.

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